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Patient Care Linens

Feel confident you're putting your best foot forward.

Healthcare linen is about more than just about having bed linens and patient gowns ready to go.

The quality of materials is just as important, as your linens impact your patients’ overall experience. Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ line of Core Linens supports healthcare best practices, patient comfort, and dignity while maintaining cost controls for your facility. In addition, our products are dual certified by HLAC and TRSA as not just clean, but hygienically clean.


Hygenically Clean Healthcare Certified by TRSA HLAC Seal

Patient Bedding & Bath

Our line of soft bedding and bath linens offer exceptional patient comfort and durability, wash after wash. Most products offered in white. 

  • Flat Sheets 
  • Envelope Fitted Sheets
  • Pillowcases
  • Thermal Bedspreads
  • Stretcher Sheets 
  • Underpads
  • Bath Blankets 
  • Washcloths
  • Bath Towel 

Reuseable OR Linens

Reusable OR Linens

Ultra-smooth, high-quality linens in OR colors that are ideal for use in surgery. 

  • Pillowcases
  • OR Sheets
  • Towel Packs

Jade ScrubsStaff Linens

Unisex scrub shirts with two pockets, drawstring scrub pants and long sleeve warm-up jackets. Built to retain comfort, color and shape.

Reuseable unisex isolation or surgery gowns, fluid-repellent gowns are available to implement your infection control protocols. AAMI rated Level 1or AAMI PB70 Level 3 barrier classification with 360-degrees of protection.

XS to 5X options available


Standard Patient Gown

Designed with the patient in mind our standard gown is a comfortable, heavyweight and durable. This gown utilizes a single, complete, side tie closure for simplicity and efficiency while providing patient modesty. The coloring of these gowns helps promote a soothing environment that is more pleasing for the patient.

Unisex Regular and 3X options available

Plastic Snap GownPlastic Snap

Our plastic snap gowns have the same snap action and durability as metal snaps but won’t compromise an MRI image. The 55% cotton/45% polyester brush-backed fabric makes for a soft to the touch gown with high durability. Features a large chest pocket with oversized access vent hidden behind the chest pocket for the management of IV tubing and monitoring equipment. This gown is generously oversized with side tie closures, allowing it to overlap and ensure modesty.

Unisex Regular and 10X options available


IV GownIV Gown

These hardworking gowns accommodate telemetry monitoring with ease. An off-center breast telemetry pocket allows wires to pass through a buttonhole inside the pocket, staying out of sight. The oversized pocket conceals monitor from view. IV sleeves fasten with three to four stainless steel floating ring snaps, depending on sleeve length. Gowns are generously cut. The tie side closure provides complete patient modesty. All ties are 100% polyester twill tape and reinforced to the body of the gown for added durability.

Unisex Regular, 5X and 10X options available

Pediatric GownPediatric

Your little patients will love our pediatric wear that features fun and friendly tigers resting quietly in the leaves. Created with comfortable 100% polyester woven fabric, these gowns will hold up to high laundry temperatures and remain flame retardant for the life of the garment. These non-IV gowns offer straight-back closure snaps.

S, M, and L options available


Mammography GownMammography

Crisscross gown with side tie closures and open front for modesty during examinations. These gowns have a 70” sweep, 44” length and 3/4” length sleeve.

One size


Don’t see an item? Let us know! We have more options available.