Industry Trends

Leave Your Linen Service To The Specialists

It’s more practical and cost effective for hospitals, nursing homes, physicians practices, and surgery centers to let companies who specialize in laundry processing provide the service.

Industry statistics show that more hospital and health care facility administrators are outsourcing linen and laundry services. Ultimately, they find that on-premise laundries are not cost effective to operate. As a result, these administrators are also making an environmentally safe decision by using reusable linens instead of disposable products. Some examples of reusable health care products are gowns, towels, and incontinent care products.
All things considered with Crown’s highly automated facilities, efficient use of resources, and industry leadership expertise, outsourcing linen and laundry services is a logical choice for today’s health care provider.

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“In our 19 years of partnership, Crown has always been, and remains, best in class for quality healthcare linen and service, and has been an exemplary partner in providing quality service and product in a timely manner.”

Dave Smith

Director of Contracting & Supplier Diversity
North Florida and South Atlantic Divisions