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disadvantages of an on-premise laundry

The Top 10 Costs and Disadvantages of an On-Premise Laundry

Many healthcare managers think that by doing their laundry on-site, they’re reducing costs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The costs of running an on-premise laundry for your healthcare facility are astronomical in terms of money, time, and energy.

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We’re Now Certified Hygienically Clean!

System-Wide Hygienically Clean Certifications Here at Crown Health Care Laundry, we are proud to have completed TRSA’s System-Wide Hygienically Clean Certification. This certification verifies that TRSA has inspected our facility, and continues an ongoing process of microbial testing to make sure we produce hygienically clean textiles. TRSA inspects our facility to check for employee training […]

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Grow With Us!

We have five processing facilities spanning Florida, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina.