A Word on Customer Relationship Management

Last week, Justin M. Mitten, Regional Area Manager of Crown Health Care Laundry Services, attended a ribbon cutting ceremony with a new customer and shared his experience with our team. Check out his communication to our team following about the importance of our relationships with our customers.

 crown health care customer relationship management

“Yesterday I was invited to represent our company at the ribbon cutting for a new HCA facility, Oviedo Medical Center. This was my first opportunity to attend an event like this. During the event, I was able to speak with leaders from multiple facets of the HCA North Florida Division and thank them personally for the opportunity to serve them.

My goal of sharing this experience is to reiterate the importance of having a true relationship with the customers we serve. Ask yourself, ‘will the relationship I have created stand the test of time through quality concerns and pricing squeezes?’ If you are at all unsure, please plan to visit that customer as soon as possible. Begin your visit by sincerely thanking them for their continued service and offer solutions to any ongoing problems. Don Haferkamp, our CEO has always said, ‘[he] doesn’t sign our checks, the customers do.’

Yesterday’s invitation to an event might seem small to some, but it was a real life example of how Crown Health Care Laundry Services has continued to take care of the customer.”

– Justin M. Mitten

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