Invest Your Time And Money In Patient Care, Not Linens

Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ linen rental program has proven to be very popular with healthcare facilities and patients alike. We eliminate the need to invest capital dollars in linen inventory by providing initial inventory along with monthly linen replacements. Plus, our quality item selection and strict processing standards ensure the high degree of consistent quality you demand.

The program tailors to your specific needs. Crown Health Care Laundry Services purchases new patient linens, surgical garments, and other linen items as required. Our daily fill rate of 98% ensures the correct and necessary quantity of circulating inventory. By providing reliable services, we alleviate the stresses of handling the linens in-house. With Crown Health Care Laundry Services, all of your daily linen needs will be met.

Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ bed linens are based on today’s ideal bed makeup. Our attractive patient gowns have a 66-inch sweep that wraps completely around the patient and ties on the side. This design provides both comfort and dignity for patients while maintaining cost controls for your facility.

Crown Health Care Laundry Services’ linen rental program is the ideal choice for health care facilities that need to control cost, improve quality, and enhance bed makeup and patient apparel.

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