Quality Service is the Foundation of Our Business

Crown Healthcare Laundry Services is the quality, cost-competitive and reliable alternative to your current laundry processor or in-house laundry operations. Our full line of healthcare linens are extensive and our value-added services for your business include the following:

clean white medical linen rental in bin

Linen Rental

Our linen rental program has proven to be very popular with health care facilities & patients!

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medical linen management

Linen Management

Our facilities prepare your fresh linens carefully and efficiently. We make sure that every product that leaves the facility is spotless and ready for our customers.

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crown laundry management services

On-Premise Laundry Management

We make sure to deliver an accurate number of products and keep inventory of all the sheets, towels, and uniforms that your business lacks and needs replenished regularly.

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Plant Tour

A behind the scenes look at our Columbia, Mississippi processing plant.

PulseFlow Technology

Implementing Milnor’s PulseFlow Technology allows Crown to remain competitive in an ever-changing healthcare market.