What Does Our HLAC Certification Mean For Your Business?

Pick a qualified laundry service for your medical facilities. One way to check if a service is qualified is by paying close attention to their accredited certifications. We proudly display our HLAC certification on our website as well as throughout our company, because we believe that through this certification, we can prove that we are […]

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Hurricane Planning For Medical Facilities

Hurricane season is known for bringing widespread panic and anxiety every year for business owners. Families and businesses in the Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina regions know they must take certain steps in order to prepare for these natural disasters. Individuals scramble to find gas, water, unperishable food, shutters, flashlights, and other […]

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how to dress professionally in a hospital

5 Reasons To Dress Professionally In the Healthcare Industry

Everyone knows that is important to dress professionally at the workplace, however, in medical facilities it is imperative. Below is a list of reasons why your medical facility must follow all medical clothing guidelines: Safety for the patient – Wearing clean healthcare attire provides safety for the patients that the professionals are working with. Bringing […]

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