disadvantages of an on-premise laundry

The Top 10 Costs and Disadvantages of an On-Premise Laundry

Many healthcare managers think that by doing their laundry on-site, they’re reducing costs. Nothing could be further from the truth. The costs of running an on-premise laundry for your healthcare facility are astronomical in terms of money, time, and energy.

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crown's high-tech laundry facility in south carolina

Crown Opens Fifth High-Tech Laundry Facility

  • November 07, 2017
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  • Crown Healthcare

Crown Health Care Laundry Services just added a fifth processing plant in Bishopville, South Carolina to our line of linen processing facilities! Like all our other owned-and-operated processing facilities in the southeast, this state-of-the-art, 60,000-square-foot, two-tunnel operation will be both TRSA Hygienically Clean and HLAC certified. Our new plant will exclusively provide healthcare linen processing […]

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How to Implement a Linen Rental Service at Your Medical Facility

Implementing a linen rental service or uniform rental program for a medical facility is a big step and adequate care must be taken to ensure success. It’s not just that jumping into a third-party linen service partnership is a potential budget constraint — the safety and well-being of both your employees and patients is at […]

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We’re Now Certified Hygienically Clean!

System-Wide Hygienically Clean Certifications Here at Crown Health Care Laundry, we are proud to have completed TRSA’s System-Wide Hygienically Clean Certification. This certification verifies that TRSA has inspected our facility, and continues an ongoing process of microbial testing to make sure we produce hygienically clean textiles. TRSA inspects our facility to check for employee training […]

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A Word on Customer Relationship Management

Last week, Justin M. Mitten, Regional Area Manager of Crown Health Care Laundry Services, attended a ribbon cutting ceremony with a new customer and shared his experience with our team. Check out his communication to our team following about the importance of our relationships with our customers.   “Yesterday I was invited to represent our company […]

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We have five processing facilities spanning Florida, Georgia,
Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina.