What Does Our HLAC Certification Mean For Your Business?

Pick a qualified laundry service for your medical facilities.

One way to check if a service is qualified is by paying close attention to their accredited certifications. We proudly display our HLAC certification on our website as well as throughout our company, because we believe that through this certification, we can prove that we are an excellent choice for your business.

By being HLAC-accredited, we value patient and employee safety when it comes to providing our linen and laundry service for medical facilities. HLAC focuses on certain guidelines centered on federal regulations as well as additional industry benefits for a safer environment.  HLAC not only regulates monitoring the plant, but the regulations extend to transportation, handling, and even customer service. We make sure that all of the laundry is sterile, bacteria-free, and delivery is on-time. Furthermore, We even make sure that our customer service agents can do everything that is in their power to assist you at all times.  HLAC guarantees the security of the entire process.

Find Out More About Our HLAC Certification

We are proud of our HLAC certification here at Crown Laundry. We vow to always make sure our laundry environment is safe and sterile for our customers. You and your patients are our top priority, which is why we make sure that the laundry, delivery, and assistance that you receive is of the highest of quality. Do not hesitate in contacting us at 844-383-7500 or by emailing our team at We may also provide you with additional information on our certification and laundry process. We are waiting patiently for your call and will try to assist you to the best of our ability. Give us a call today!

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