Hurricane Planning For Medical Facilities

Hurricane season is known for bringing widespread panic and anxiety every year for business owners. Families and businesses in the Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and South Carolina regions know they must take certain steps in order to prepare for these natural disasters. Individuals scramble to find gas, water, unperishable food, shutters, flashlights, and other valuable items in case of emergencies occurring during the hurricane. However, what are the safety measures that a medical facility must take? Here are several tips to help provide a smooth process in your business during the hurricane season:

  • Make your decision on whether or not your business will remain open. Medical facilities offering emergency services remain open to assist individuals that get hurt during the storms. However, some places such as dental offices or family doctors decide to close on Hurricane Day. Make sure to make your decisions, inform your employees, and announce it to the general public.
  • Make sure your backup generators work in case the power goes out and you are still conducting business. In case of a power outage, you and your medical team will still be able to assist individuals through emergency situations.
  • Prepare the facility for the hurricane’s powerful winds. Make sure that the facility is strong enough to withstand heavy winds as well as flooding. Some ways to protect the building from getting severe damages are covering windows with hurricane-proof shutters, and flood protection underneath doors and other pathways.

Stay Safe & Clean During Hurricane Season with Crown Health Care Laundry Services

Staying safe during hurricanes is the top priority when keeping your business open during the storm. Please make sure to keep your patients and employees safe by utilizing safety preparation beforehand. Crown Laundry cares about the safety of our customers. Therefore, we make sure to provide clean and sterile products to keep your business bacteria-free.

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